Who uses Eventogy


Chances are you either have an internal events team (isolated, or split across multiple regions and businesses) or you have an external Events / PR agency running your shows for you. If that's the case, then you're at the right place.

Eventogy was built for corporates with teams of event managers. The nature of the product is such that the workflow suits teams across multiple regions and allows the collaborative management of a corporate conferences and events schedule.

Eventogy is beautifully suited to work within the Financial and Legal industries. Amongst our client base, we currently have a number of Global Corporate Investment Banks as clients whilst utilising our support team for business support requirements. Amongst these Corporate Investment Banks are well known global brands who are recognised as being amongst the most powerful financial powerhouses in the world.

We believe in the power of our software and are happy to share references with you.

In addition to our penetration into the financial industries, Eventogy is also enjoyed by many in the Legal industries, with a number of Magic Circle members being active customers of our platform. Seemingly, Eventogy appears focused in the Legal and Financial industries and although this seems the case, the more interesting question is 'why' are these large corporates are using our platform?

One of our endeavours when building this platform was to ensure that it met the highest standards of security, audit and compliance. And that meant it completely suited the current interests of global corporate banking, now amongst the most heavily regulated.

Also, the responsibility of audit within the legal industry meant that all our Magic Circle clients enjoy the rigid, secure nature of Eventogy out the box. We test our servers and our applications rigourously on a six monthly basis, in conjuction with separate client requests for pen tests. This keeps us at the forefront of software security and up to the standards set by corporate banking.

However, our clients are not only large corporate banks and law firms. We also service the Automotive sectors, with already a number of well known car brands using Eventogy for their events management.

As a result, we work with companies who can't give public testimonials and we don't want them to. We believe in the delight of using our software and are happy to share references with you. Meanwhile, here's some feedback we've received recently from our customers.

The most important benefit of eventogy is the simplicity and user friendliness of it. It used to take me an hour to write a brief for each event. Now I can build it myself in 5 minutes.

- Events Manager, Magic Circle Firm

It’s not easy to find a comprehensive events management platform. To me, as events manager at Linklaters, the most important benefit of Eventogy is the simplicity of it. It’s so user-friendly.

- Mesut Kaya, Events Manager
Linklaters LLP

Eventogy trumped them all in terms of flexibility, ease of use, aesthetic appeal, technology integration and indeed cost.

- Chris James, Director
Laing Gale & Accociates