The Site Visit — by our Event Manager Contributor

06 Apr 2018

We’re excited to introduce a guest writer to our blog. She is a prominent corporate event manager who will be drawing from her experience and providing insight in the world of events.

Today, she gives her thoughts on event venue visits and what to look for in a event venue supplier. We hope you enjoy the blogs.

“For an Event Manger, knowledge gained on a site visit of not only the venue but, of the team showing you the venue to me, sets the scene for how your event will run. In the last few weeks, I have done a lot, so I would say I have a fair amount of experience on which to base the following blog post.

One of my site visits lately was so bad. It was such a shame as it is a great venue and now I would honestly think twice about running an event there. I won’t give too much away about where it was, but it did get me thinking about what I would do if I was trying to sell my venue and what I look for when I attend a site visit. Here are my top three tips!


Do your research. If I am coming in to see your space, do a little research. Look back through your file! Has my company used you before? Has there been inquiries previously, is there any feedback you can look at? To me researching a potential clients company before the site visit seems a no brainier but in all my years in events, I can’t really remember anyone really doing this correctly and bringing it up ” you used our private dining room back in 2016, how do you think it went” or the like would be amazing to hear! At the very least look up the company and see what sort of industry they are in. Am I a law firm, am I a bank, has one of my competitors used you recently? Seriously, a little research will go a long way.


It might be water, a Diet Coke or with any luck a glass of champagne but please, please offer me a drink, sit me down, ask me why I’m here… Show me some of your hospitality before we get started and it goes a long way. Don’t get me wrong, I am not just after a free drink, but I think it is important and for the majority of the times, it does happen however so many times it doesn’t and I believe spending five minutes, over a coffee talking through what I am looking for means you show me what I need to see and you explain the way in which your space(s) will work. You won’t waste your time, nor mine showing me spaces in your venue that just wont work. They may well for my next brief however by spending a few minutes talking through what I am looking for will really help save us both time!

Follow up

Follow up quickly but don’t be pushy! I have come to see your space, I’m interested so don’t call me every day and here’s a little secret. Event managers don’t like answering our phone to sales calls, it distracts us! Email us instead and we will come back to you when we can. (Really hope I am not the only one strongly favours this?!)

Now whilst above is what works for me, it may not be to everyone’s preference and I know sales teams also get busy but please, show a little effort… It’s worth it I promise you!”

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