Eventogy Host App

Find out how our iPad app can help you while you're at an event.

Scan attendee badges

Easily check attendees in at the door using the app’s built in QR Code scanner, no extra devices required. Codes can be read from emails too, so you don't have to worry about people who forget to print their badges.

Host Badges

Check in

In case guests forget to bring printed badges or emails, the app allows you to seamlessly search for guests and simply swipe to check them in.

Host Check In

Add walk-in attendees

If you’re expecting walk-in attendees, we have you covered. Quickly and easily add details of any new attendees on the spot, and they will be instantly added to the system.

Host Walk-in


The app will automatically and intelligently detect which event you are managing, making the experience seamless and unobtrusive so you can concentrate on greeting your guests.

Host Smart