Effortless Corporate Events

Why do Corporate Banks use Eventogy?

Effortless Corporate Events

Because Eventogy is an events management software that is simple, beautiful and secure


Supported all the way

Eventogy is simple to use, allowing you to run your events independently, but we give you the peace of mind by providing world class support. Ask any of our happy clients.

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Imagine using a software application that has been designed by a team of creatives that put user experience at the forefront.
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World class security ensuring we meet the standards of the most secure corporate banks in the industry.
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We're constantly providing better automation to ensure you don't have to do the manual tasks other systems make you do as chores.
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Brand Customisation

Eventogy is fully equipped to give you complete control over its appearance, with total customisation to ensure your clients only recognise your own brand.

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Intuitive Dashboard

Take advantage of Eventogy’s intuitive dashboard design, giving you an instant snapshot of your event, and complete control at every stage.


Meeting Manager

For the first time, combine powerful, intelligent 1 on 1 meetings scheduling, together with the convenience of event management tools to provide personalised attendee agendas.

Meetings Manager

Guest List CRM

Eventogy's powerful guest list manager is a feature rich CRM tool that securely manages your client data whilst providing you with simple and elegant management tools which allow fluid communication and promotion of your event.

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Mobile apps

Eventogy's companion app, Eventogy Attendee, is rich with features and ensures all your guests are engaged with interactivity before, during and after an event.

  • App Mobile

    Your event on the move

    Access to all the information your attendees need to get the most out of your event, on the move (We can even tell them how to get there, if they get lost!)

  • App Interact

    Interact with your attendees

    Get all your guests voting on live polls, engaged with moderated questions and answers, whilst giving them networking tools like messaging.

  • App Location

    Smart location services

    Our app can automatically check your guests into your event if they are at your venue, giving event hosts critical alerts and notifications on VIP arrivals.

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