Event agencies are expected to cater to a wide variety of client events and they expect their events management software to handle those demands.

Eventogy provides tools which are both scalable and flexible to help manage the ever-changing cycle of events that agencies manage. From small scale training sessions, to grand, global product launches, Eventogy is set up to manage both simple and complex data capture and registration services whilst providing powerful reporting tools that allow Event Agencies to keep their clients informed during an event life cycle.

With flexible pricing plans, from single events to multiple clients, event agencies trust Eventogy to be the backbone of their event management software demands.

Impress your clients with on-brand technology

Brand is arguably one of the most important aspects of any Event Agency service as they act as brand ambassadors and guardians. Our agency background gives Eventogy the experience to recognise the uncompromisable pursuit of perfectly branded websites.

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Manage complex registration streams

Using Eventogy’s user-friendly, intuitive interface, event organisers are able to manage all manner of comprehensive registration paths which may be thrown their way.

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Create engaging event apps

The ultimate event depends on ultimate delegate engagement. Eventogy’s event apps empowers Event Agencies to bring engagement to the palm of the delegates hands via a suite of powerful features, from interactive Q&A sessions, to Live Polls that bring large groups of people together.

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Supported by experts

Be confident in the knowledge that if you cannot do something yourselves, our support team are on hand at a moments notice to answer your questions and deal with any issues.

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Manage events from end to end

Manage your events from end to end

Discover how Eventogy’s unified events management platform can save you time and effort whilst providing delegates with an experience they won’t forget.

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About us

Eventogy has been providing event management solutions to corporate event teams the best part of decade.

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