Data Democratisation and its Revolutionising Potential

23 Sep 2021 3 Minute read

Technological advancements in recent history have imposed on us various moral dilemmas. Do we sacrifice face-to-face human interaction for the sake of mass connectivity? Do we replace human roles with automated devices? Do we allow Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replicate sensitive human decision-m

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Eventogy rolls out Integrated Events Management Service to Freshfields to support law firm’s global…

17 Aug 2021 3 Minute read

Global elite law firm, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, and Eventogy, a leading cloud-based event platform company, have signed a multi-year agreement ...

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Are Virtual Events the Key to a Sustainable future?

29 Jun 2021 5 Minute read

The pandemic has imparted on us numerous lessons, particularly regarding our adaptability. Technology has been an integral part of our adjustment proc...

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Virtual to Hybrid- The Next Generation of Events Organisation

07 Jun 2021 5 Minute read

The onset of the global pandemic pushed much professional and social activity to the digital sphere and there have been many technological innovations...

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3 Ways that Covid-19 Has Impacted Events Management

21 May 2021 4 Minute read

A study conducted by Reed Exhibitions in December 2020 describes some striking changes in consumer behaviour caused by Covid-19.1. Consumer attitudes ...

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10 Things To Remember When Planning a High-Profile Event

25 Jul 2019 3 Minute read

A high-profile event needs to be flawless. If your planning, marketing and organisation isn’t up to scratch, you’ll lose credibility with the executiv...

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How to Boost Attendee Engagement with an Event App

27 Jul 2018 5 Minute read

Research shows the power of events is ...

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Being a #Eventprofs Influencer

22 May 2018 3 Minute read

For this week’s contributor blog topic, our event manager contributor explores influencer marketing in events. Here are her thoughts on being a event ...

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Are You Putting Your Event Data at Risk?

21 May 2018 3 Minute read

Data has been the headline act at events in the 21st century. The forms customers fill in to buy tickets, to register for an exhibition, to enter a se...

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Last-minute GDPR advice: here’s how to keep it simple

08 May 2018 5 Minute read

It’s too late to be writing about GDPR. The legislation is weeks away. But in many ways, it’s a good time to focus on last-minute preparations and mak...

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