Corporate event teams around the world rely on Eventogy to run their events from start to finish.

With Eventogy, enterprise companies manage their full event schedule from one platform where event managers are given the tools to create, manage, market and report on all of their events.

Eventogy has become a trusted provider for enterprise event managers for our usability, our uncompromised data security levels and our pursuit of the highest levels of support in the industry.

Create on-brand registration websites

Eventogy will provide templates which are to your exact specification, providing delegates with the ultimate professionalism at every interaction.

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Market your event

Using Eventogy’s powerful email marketing engine, event organisers ensure they provide optimal communication and can track key metrics such as open and click rates.

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Manage event

Manage delegates throughout the lifecycle of the event giving delegates the greatest possible experience at your event.

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Your event success relies on you being able to present the data to back it up. Eventogy’s powerful reporting section allows you to instantly report across any area in real time.

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Manage events from end to end

Manage your events from end to end

Discover how Eventogy’s unified events management platform can save you time and effort whilst providing delegates with an experience they won’t forget.

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About us

Eventogy has been providing event management solutions to corporate event teams the best part of decade.

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