Mobile Attendee App

Guaranteed attendee engagement

With a comprehensive suite of powerful tools at your disposal, we’ve built simple, clever features that allow you to manage complex meetings and events end-to-end.

Eventogy’s platform empowers Event Managers by providing them with an end-to-end collection of powerful features to quickly and efficiently launch event campaigns. Create and launch corporate, branded websites within seconds of setting them up with our intuitive interface. Fire off effective email campaigns from our email builder. And most importantly, remove the roadblocks with bespoke integration options that synchronise event data with that of your own CRM systems.

Event specific branding

Use your own company specific theme to ensure your brand guidelines are adhered to, and your attendee application looks personalised to your business.


Letting your attendees know what is happening during your event, and when. Your events agenda is updated in real time, and uses push notifications to indicate updates.

Floor plans and maps

Our app supports the upload of multiple floor plans which can all be identified and named separately.

Push notifications

Send out push notifications to all your attendees at the click of a button, keeping them up to date on important information as you need to.

Q&A sessions

Keep your attendees on the right track by giving them tools to find you.

Speaker profiles

Upload photos, biographies and optional contact details for all of you event speakers.

Attendee profiles

Allow your attendees to access each other’s details, making networking at your events seamless.

Document library

You can upload PDF documents to the Document Library, giving your attendees access to important information on the move.

Live polls

Give your attendees true interaction with your event, allowing them to participate in live polls and questionnaires..


Any of your attendees with your app installed can message others directly, at any point during or after your event.

Manage Events Platform

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