Culture is everything at Eventogy.

Every member of the team is made to feel part of the Eventogy family, and we work hard every day as a team, not just a group of individuals. To get the best out of people, it’s important you enjoy your work and feel you genuinely matter. We foster a fun and collaborative working environment where everyone has a voice. All our employees have genuine say over the direction of Eventogy and we have an unparalleled relationship with all our clients that fosters a rewarding, mutual work dynamic.

Our work ethic is to ensure that your Sunday evenings aren't driven by dread, but instead create an enthusiastic group of individuals who like to deliver innovative solutions whilst playing with @Lokithebichon, compare burgers and shoot some multiplayer battle royale.

If you are looking to join a fast-paced, ambitious technology company then please have a look at our Workable account to find out about our present and future career choices.

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Eventogy has been providing event management solutions to corporate event teams the best part of decade.

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Discover more about our insight, thought leadership and resource materials for Event Managers.

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