Eventogy Virtual

Eventogy Virtual provides the ultimate tool in virtual conferencing to bring everything together, under one platform.

More and more events are virtual and it’s more difficult than ever to differentiate your events. That trend is here to stay. Eventogy helps you by providing the tools to organise engaging virtual events, ensuring the user experience for your delegates is second to none.

With a tight and secure integration into your web conferencing stack, Eventogy Virtual enables your event team to deliver and manage powerful and engaging virtual or hybrid events, at scale, with ease.

Bring it all together

Ensure maximum attendance with all virtual sessions being hosted on the same, branded website as registration, meaning delegates have one link, one log-in, one area of communication.

Engage the audience

Ensure your delegates are engaged during your sessions. Capture audience opinions, take live feedback, run real-time polls. Eventogy Virtual provides the engagement tools to simultaneously run live polls and Q&A sessions.

Get social

Events are about networking. And just because they have moved to the ether shouldn’t mean they lose the most important aspect. Live chat and breakout rooms ensure plenty of networking opportunities.

Any event, any stream

With comprehensive integrations, Eventogy Virtual gives you the tools to run any event and any session, whether that’s 1-on-1 meetings with two way video chat, or a live broadcast to thousands of delegates with Q&A sessions. All managed from one Eventogy.

Ultimate insight

Data on who has attended, how long for, which sessions, what live polls... all at your fingertips with powerful reporting and comprehensive event data tracking. The success of your future events depends on it.

Manage Events Platform

Start creating today

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